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Universal21Ltd is one of the most dynamic property companies in the international real estate market.

Our company was created with the specific aim of finding secure investment properties for clients who want to be in a position to make an informed decision based on sophisticated high levels of research and in depth analysis.

Our remit is simple, to find in emerging countries, the best available properties and developments, which have the greatest opportunities, and which offer potential growth with a decent return on investment with the minimum of risk.

With many years of experience in various jurisdictions we have the expertise to investigate fully the marketplace and the ability to perform proper due diligence on the country, the buying process, the laws, the taxes and the property.

Universal21Ltd places great importance on compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements and in maintaining high ethical standards within each of the territories and jurisdictions in which we conduct our business.

Universal21Ltd undertakes extensive research into each property investment we market and unless the deal ticks all our boxes, we will not market the Country or the investment opportunity. Most importantly we look at the exit strategy. Two of the major components in our decision process are Capital Growth and Rental Yields.

We believe that our honesty, experience and excellence of service will help establish us as a company who can be trusted by our clients.

The most precious thing in this world is trust. It can take years to earn and only a matter of seconds to lose, so it’s important to keep trust at the forefront of everything you do!

We constantly strive for perfection  We take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, we design it.


Our goal is to remain at the forefront of the property market creating exponential growth and profit for both our company, our shareholders and our clients.


Our objective is to serve our clients investment needs by finding superb property opportunities in the right locations, whilst looking to maximise profits, minimise risk and provide a high and consistent level of rental income.


We are consistently growing and evolving to meet the needs and demands of our clients. We are constantly striving towards higher standards of excellence which will allow us to reach our full potential and to exceed growth expectations for both our clients and our organisation.

Investment Type

City Residence

City Residence

Cities are responsible for much of the world’s innovation and economic growth.


Every city official knows that if you are not a global capital you need to work three times harder to attract inward business investment. There is a requirement for these second tier cities to innovate and offer incentives to attract investors.

Beach Residence

Beach Residence

We all dream of walking on golden sands looking across turquoise seas drinking a margarita?

Deep down, we all have this dream. Buying a second home somewhere in the sun with wondrous views and world class beaches. We want iconic locations and a fantasy lifestyle.  Holiday habits have changed dramatically since the late 90’s,

Passport Residence

Passport Residence

A second passport gives you freedom and access to other countries and security.


This is because it’s a fundamental step towards minimising the political risk of being subjected to the whims of any single government.

The political diversification benefits that come with obtaining a second passport are universal and prudent for anyone in the world to obtain…