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Beach Residence

We all dream of walking on golden sands looking across turquoise seas drinking a margarita?

Deep down, we all have this dream. Buying a second home somewhere in the sun with wondrous views and world-class beaches. We want iconic locations and a fantasy lifestyle.

Holiday habits have changed dramatically since the late 90’s, the package holiday started to die with the advent of the internet. People could book their own accommodation and low-cost airways sprung up everywhere. Tourists understood they could book their own flight, a villa and car rental all with one click. The primary consideration was safety and low crime locations. They wanted quality, comfort and services. They demanded air conditioning, pool in the garden and a holiday resort close by. Dependent on budget and numbers they can choose villas or apartments on a short-term holiday basis.

The holiday rental business exploded and demand in good resorts has resulted in bookings having to be made one year in advance. During the summer season, good holiday resorts are fully booked. Whole families now travel together as costs can be reduced on a price per person basis (the villa or apartment is a fixed cost) this type of tourism is flourishing.

Buying the right holiday property can you give you both a regular income during the season and your own personal use. Universal21Ltd look especially for those resorts that tick all the right boxes and give owners a good return on their investment and a wonderful place to use themselves.

We can help you find that perfect dream home!