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City Residence

Cities are responsible for much of the world’s innovation and economic growth.

Every city official knows that if you are not a global capital you need to work three times harder to attract inward business investment. There is a requirement for these second tier cities to innovate and offer incentives to attract investors. The result is they soon become a hot bed for investment driving the local economy. Manchester in the UK is a prime example, in 2017 it became the number one city outside of London for property investment in the UK.

Universal21Ltd look for those second tier cities prime for growth. We identify them and ensure that they are vibrant and a hotbed for talent which will attract investors. Investment in cities lead to job creation and inward migration as demand outstrips supply.  Property Prices will therefore as a consequence be driven upwards. Rental yields under pressure increase also as the macro economics of the city struggles to find a much higher equilibrium.

City investment has proven safe and resilient even during recessions or downturns in a countries economy. Yield returns usually remain stable and capital growth flounders temporarily until the economy picks up again. City rents are usually good, secure and long term. Resales are normally excellent bearing in mind that property investors are looking after a five year term to secure a healthy exit strategy.