In real estate investment, Turkey continues to draw the demand of investors in the Gulf countries. More than 500 foreign investors and the executives of Gulf companies whose total size exceeds 22 billion dollars will participate in the Property Fair and the Arab-Turkish Summit, which will be held on April 28-29th.

Press Release
Turkey which is attracting foreign investors in the real estate investment demand mainly the Gulf countries continues to strengthen its position in this area with new applications.
In addition to the incentive applications provided to the foreign investors in real estate investment, the interest of investment is being increased with strong links and promotional activities established by the private sector. Record attendance is expected from the Gulf region for the Real Estate Fair and the Arab-Turkish Summit which will be held on the 12th to 28th April this year.
With the leadership of Mazen Ibrahim Rajab Council President of Saudi – Turkish Business, Ziad Bassam Vice President of Jidde Chamber of Commerce and Younus Inayat President of Y & D Real Estate Group, the executives of the company whose total size exceeds 22 billion dollars will participate to the Property Fair and the Arab-Turkish Summit, which will be held on April 28-29th.

Murat Kalsin, Vice Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors said that “Strong relations between Turkey and the Arab countries will also strengthen the foundations of peace outside the regional cooperation that will be established. With its performance during the last 16 years, Turkey draws the attention of the entire Gulf region. By 2017 Turkey became the fastest growing country among the G20 countries. There are considerable growth figures in the tourism sector, service sector and as well as industrial sector. The construction sector continued to grow steadily during the recent year. With the investments in the construction sector, the growth rate will increase in the coming period. The six of the 10 projects that shape the direction of the World is being carried out in Turkey. The mega projects such as Marmaray, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasian Tunnel and 1915 Çanakkale Bridge that connects the continents create investment opportunities around these investments. The 3rd Airport and Channel Istanbul have a tremendous potential. Due to their geographical locations, these investments are raising the appetite of investors. With annual performance increasing by 11.1, Turkey is among countries which have a leadership in the construction sector. Sales figures of 2017 also confirm us. There is a growth rate more than 20 percent when the numbers of houses sold to foreigners are analyzed houses sold to foreigners. With the Arabic investors, we are entering to a period full of opportunities.”

Ziad Bassam: “We should create a cooperation with turkey in point of project design”.
Ziad Bassam Vice President of Jidde Chamber of Commerce said that; “The commerce between Turkey and Arab countries is growing each passing day. In the recent year, more than 700 thousand tourists from Gulf Countries came to Turkey. This number is expected to exceed to 1 million by 2018. Besides the tourism, Turkey has a priority in investment by Gulf Countries. Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are among the countries which prefer the real estate investments in Turkey. The numbers are small but the real estates are sold to foreigners are high. In this fair to be organized, we are thinking not only about selling real estate but also about investment and cooperation. We should create a cooperation with Turkey to cooperate with Turkey in point of project design. Projects that are particularly suited to the Arab region need to be designed. Some cities in Turkey has already put this idea into practice. We may show Trabzon as an example for this. Many cities in Saudi Arabia have direct flights to Trabzon State. We need to duplicate such examples. So that we can reach to an economic partnership. At this point, the target should not be only the sold units. At this point, we need to create mutual investment funds.”

Younus Inayat: “The government projects and branded housing projects in turkey encourage the investors”.
Stating that compared to the many instruments, the real investments in Turkey is more advantageous and preferred by many investors, Younus Inayat President of Y & D Group Company based in Saudi Arabia said that; “Turkish contractors have been operating as contractors for important projects in many regions of the World for many years. At this point we are also following the development of the sector in Turkey and economic growth created by this. Especially the real estate interest of the investors from Gulf Countries is very serious. Government investments with a big scale such as Channel Istanbul and 3th Airport have a serious significant support to Turkey’s perception. With these project, we are able to see Turkey’s potential power more clearly. In addition to all these, the concept of branded housing and promotional activities carried out by the private sector during these projects are very important for us. If we should say something about the real estate in Turkey, it will be a continuous and steady increase in value. So this keeps alive the interest of the real estate in Turkey. At this point, latest end applications carried out to increase the demand of foreign investors in Turkey also had a significant impact. Arab-Turkish Summit, which has been organized for 11 years and this year 12th session of it will be held, is an important event for us to establish mutual commercial relations with Turkish companies. Thus we are launching out a campaign using media channels in the Gulf region. As part of this campaign, we will provide enlightening information for investors about investing in Turkey. ”