The number of new businesses registered in Romania reached 136,700 in 2017, up by 29% compared to the previous year, according to statistics released by the Trade Registry’s Office – ONRC.
In 2016, almost 116,000 new enterprises were registered in Romania.
All types of enterprises saw significant increases in 2017. The number of limited liability companies, known as SRL, went up by a third, to 98,400. The number of individuals registered for business, PFA, increased by 15%, to 23,888, the number of individual enterprises went up by 23%, to 12,600, and the number of family enterprises almost doubled, to 1,532.
The number of new businesses in the manufacturing industry more than doubled, to over 12,000. The number of new businesses in the entertainment and cultural sector and in the services sector also went up by more than two-thirds, to 5,947 and 7,789. Meanwhile, the number of new firms in the trade sector went down by 9.5%, to about 28,500.
Bucharest saw over 22,200 new firm registrations, up by 23% compared to 2016. Cluj county was second, with over 8,530 new businesses, up by 50% compared to 2016, and Timis county was third, with over 6,000 new firms, up by 29% year-on-year.

Source: Romania Insider